Got that old lady look

by Madeleine Kolb

I guess I should have been humiliated when I learned earlier this month that I had appeared at an event near Seattle with a look that virtually screamed Old Lady.

This news appeared on the Internet in a short piece by Charla Krupp, author of a book called “How Not to Look Old.”

While she didn’t mention me by name, she certainly had my number. The strange thing is that I thought I was looking pretty good that day, not young but good.

But according to Ms Krupp, two specific breaches pegged me as an Old Lady in a clueless, not-with-it, just-don’t-care sort of way.

One is that a little while ago I decided to let my hair go gray after having it colored for years. I was aware that—in the eyes of some people—this is an unmistakeable sign that a woman is Letting Herself Go.  And, in truth, my hair’s at that awkward stage, a mix of the receding dyed hair and the advancing gray hair. When it all grows out, though, I think it will look just fine.

The other Old Lady thing I did, though, was really clueless. I wore nude (that is, skin-colored) pantyhose. Apparently, it has been decreed that women should not wear nude pantyhose. They should go about with bare legs.

If  those bare legs are pale and pasty, a woman should apply fake tanning lotion to them. What? All these years I thought that’s what skin-colored pantyhose are for. At least in part.

Obviously, this is not just a matter of fashion. It is, fundamentally, a matter of accepting aging in ourselves and in others.

photo by freeparking

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