A new year, a new beginning

3830116122_68cdcfa8ffIt’s hard to believe that a new year is about to start. It’s nearly January, named for Janus–the god who looks back at the past and ahead to the future at the same time. Janus, the god of beginnings and endings.

And for me, the new year truly is a time for beginnings and endings. My BF and I will move from Washington State to Maryland where he starts a wonderful new job in January. If he had sat down and written a description of his perfect job, it would look a lot like this job. My BF refers to his situation as a “failed retirement.” He is passionate about his work, and retirement—which lasted mere months—did not suit him at all.

I’m excited for him and for myself. New beginnings are energizing; they keep us growing and learning and engaged. But, like Janus, new beginnings have two faces. They are energizing to be sure but also exhausting. There is simply no way to avoid the hassles, the obstacles, and the road-blocks—both literal and metaphorical—involved in getting from where we are now to where we are going.

For example, last week my BF and I traveled to Maryland to look for a place to live among other things. We were thrilled to find an apartment in a development with a spectacular location on Chesapeake Bay and close to my BF’s work. But thanks to the challenges of air travel in these post-9/11 days and jet lag, we were also exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed. 

And our work is just beginning.  We need to move the following stuff from Seattle to Maryland: 

  • a houseful of furniture, including 1,600 books (mostly his),
  • two cats,
  • the two of us,
  • two vehicles (his truck and my car), and
  • one airplane

We also need to rent out my house.

The sheer magnitude of these and related tasks boggles the mind. I know that we can do it. I know that we are very fortunate to have this opportunity. But, I also know that it ain’t gonna be easy.

Photo by quinn.anya

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