Celebrating Hurricane Katrina survivor “Fats” Domino

Five years later, it’s just as painful and horrifying to watch footage of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina struck as it was at the time and to see

  • people stranded on rooftops frantically waving for help;
  • people forced from their homes by rising water when the levees broke
  • frail people, elderly people, sick people
  • mothers with crying babies and others—crowded into the Louisiana Superdome for days on end with no food, running water, or medical supplies.

Many residents of the city were missing and presumed to have died.

One of them was the legendary rhythm and blues singer Antoine “Fats” Domino.  His many unforgettable hits include Blue Monday, Blueberry Hill, Ain’t That a Shame, and the iconic Walking to New Orleans

Fats Domino and his family lived in the 9th Ward of New Orleans, the low-lying area which was one of the hardest hit by flooding when the levees failed. With water nearly up to the roof, he was reported missing for 3 days after Hurricane Katrina struck. Fortunately, his daughter in New Jersey recognized him in a picture of people being rescued by boat and notified the press.

In 2006 as if to refute the rumors of his death, he released a CD, exurberantly named Alive and Kicking. In 2007 Fats Domino was inducted into Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. And on February 26,2010, he celebrated his 80th birthday. 

A few more, and I hope you love watching the incomparable Fats Domino as much as I do.

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  • Madeleine Kolb 09/07/2010, 5:18 pm

    Thank you, Stephen. Fats Domino has brought so much pleasure to so many with his wonderful singing and piano playing. He is truly inspirational.

  • Stephen 09/07/2010, 4:51 pm

    Inspirational what a story and what a guy, beautiful. Wonderful to see something like this emrge from such a terrible disastour.

  • Madeleine Kolb 09/03/2010, 10:04 pm

    Angela, He ‘s been entertaining people so well for so long. It’s a joy to see him get into the music, rocking and rolling along.

  • Angela Artemis 09/03/2010, 9:49 pm

    Hi Madeleine,
    Great article! It’s good to the bright side of New Orleans. Fats Domino is such a great representation of the true spirit there.
    Thank you for this great post!
    .-= Angela Artemis´s last blog ..If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now =-.

  • Madeleine Kolb 09/02/2010, 6:12 pm

    Aileen, It’s wonderful to see a person of any age getting such pleasure from his life’s work. And Fats Domino exemplifies the spirit of New Orleans as it was before Hurricane Katrina and as it will be again.

  • Aileen 09/02/2010, 4:51 pm

    Madeleine, this really does “celebrate.” When I think of Hurricane Katrina, I don’t think of celebrating, but there really are positive sides such as how people came together, the individual stories of survival and community.

    Hurricane Katrina is something to be remembered and thank you for showing me a positive side. Fats Domino is incredibly talented and I’m happy to revisit the magic of his music and personality
    .-= Aileen´s last blog ..3 Building Blocks to Success =-.